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If you are considering learning music theory, you should think about trying different types of musical instruments like guitar so you can pin-point what performance instrument you want to learn to perform on. Playing songs is a stress eliminating hobby that gives you the opportunity to search into your creative space and focus on the music for a minute.

Here is an example of a live performance:

The curriculum could be hard when you start, there is note reading, and keeping tempo to a metronome. Should you choose an instrument like the trumpet, you will be required to use your mouth, and if it is drums, you will be required to play in tandem with your feet.

This is the type of music academy you want to learn from:

Often people are brought up reciting music and soon end up playing at shows when they are older. With tons of opportunities to create music professionally, that this is for anyone serious about a long lasting career as a musician. Should you want to rock live shows, there are events and local opportunities where you can accomplish that. Should you decide to perform in a production studio there are opportunities that that exist for you.

Read this article to learn more about music:

Being aware of what's out there for a career in the performing arts will be great advantage for your musical career. You will eventually reach a certain level in your music career, being armed with that information will help you make the proper decisions.

If you like live recordings, check this out:

How can you find a career in music? There are many great career choices. These are a few that you could research.

Here are even more resources for you to enjoy:

What kind of jobs are available in music:

• Instructor
• Musician
• Playing Live
• Studio Musician
• Being Part of a Band
• Production Engineer
• Producer
• Editor

Now there are a few career choices that can become of interest from learning how to play an instrument. Some of these career options are very lucrative careers in music, while other career options can be difficult to succeed in. For performance musicians that may find success playing live music, there is plenty of cash to get playing shows. Artists have made millions in cash creating studio albums and performing at live venues.

This concert showcases young musical talent:

There are some extra bullet points you might want to learn about the careers in music we talked about earlier.

How To Be A Music Teacher
Being a teacher for a public education program will require the proper credentials before you can teach. Teachers also create their own private school which would not require a degree. These days there are online musical instructionals that allow you to provide instruction through video training modules on musical tutorial sites.

This is one of the top great performance of Hedwig's Theme music schools in the country:

How To Become A Musician
If you start to become an artist, then you should think about the performing arts. Rocking out at live shows and performing in a studio with a click or live drummer.

Things To Know About The Performing Arts
This is similar to performing for an audience, however, a performing artist could also be a stage act or a backup dancer for a musical show.

Really fun concert recordings can be found here:

Learning To Perform In The Studio
This craft is very specific. This is for musicians that like to perform but maybe doesn't want to travel. A studio artist will play musical parts for video and TV. In addition, they will play for podcasts and web-based productions.

Check out these musical performances:

What Your Band Members Wish You Knew Before You Joined
Think of a band member as a family member, a band member could be a flutist, harpist, drummer, bass player, or vocalist.

Music programs like this are developing great artists:

Audio Engineering In The Studio
This is the guy that shapes the record and makes it sound professional. An engineer tracks, edits audio, and mixes the sound using a digital audio work station like Pro Tools and external peripheral equipment. They could also record on a large format mixing console like a Sony MXP.

Learning More About Editing Sound
Many projects might require the production engineer to hand off some edits to an sound editor. This editor could be responsible for editing out performance errors and making the record sound as if it had been performed in one pass.

Really fun concert recordings can be found here:

What It Takes To Be A Producer
A music producer will be responsible for working close with the group, giving advice, helping the audio engineer, and mastering studio until the record is complete.

Here you may see that there are plenty of ways to make money as a musician. The music biz is full of employment opportunities for musicians and sound engineers to get hired and make a decent wage. It doesn't matter if you open a guitar program, offer lessons on the internet, or play in concert with a band. There are industry needs for various types of performers, and making money through music is easier than ever with the internet access you have to find sound gigs and fininsh projects as a audiophile.

Listen to these recordings to enjoy the performance:

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